In today's society, the topic of parenting can often be a contentious one, with everyone having their own opinions and strategies on how to raise children. However, Dr. Kristyn Sommer, a child development expert, advocates for evidence-based parenting strategies that go against conventional wisdom. Through her TikTok videos, she shares her unique approach to discipline and child development. Here are five of her videos where she challenges traditional parenting practices and offers alternative methods.

1. Three Things I Do Differently as a Mum with a PhD in Child Development

In this video, Dr. Sommer states her three parenting practices that stand apart from the crowd. To start, she unveiled her refusal to put her child through sleep training and instead has chosen to share a bed with her daughter. Second, she refrains from using terms like "naughty" or "bad" to label her child's behavior. And finally, she emphasizes the importance of evidence-based parenting strategies over relying on what previous generations have done.

2. How To Discipline Your Child So They Actually Learn

Dr. Sommer subscribes to the idea of encouraging her child with positive reinforcment to encourage proper behaviour. Rather than labeling her daughter's behavior as good or bad, she encourages her to consider whether her decisions are helpful or unhelpful. By focusing on learning from mistakes and making better choices in the future, children can develop important life skills and grow from their experiences.

3. How to Handle Tantrums

Tantrums are often viewed as naughty behavior, but Dr. Sommer offers a different perspective. She explains that tantrums are a result of accumulated stress and emotions throughout the day. When a child reaches their tipping point, these emotions surface through a tantrum. Instead of punishing or suppressing the tantrum, Dr. Sommer suggests letting children express their emotions in a healthy way, as it can be a crucial part of their emotional development.

4. Should You Spank Your Child?

In this video, Dr. Sommer passionately voices her opposition to spanking or any form of physical punishment. She argues that spanking has little effect on behavior and can actually lead to negative outcomes, such as antisocial tendencies, in the long run. Alternatively, she suggests that parents use discipline tactics that are founded in sympathy, comprehension, and positive reinforcement.

5. She Doesn't Teach ABCs and 1,2,3s

Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Sommer is not concerned with teaching her child the ABCs or how to count at a young age. She believes that this early academic focus does not actually benefit children in any meaningful way. Instead, she encourages parents to prioritize playtime, as it is through play that children learn and develop essential skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and social interaction.

Overall, Dr. Kristyn Sommer's evidence-based parenting strategies challenge traditional approaches to discipline and child development. Through her TikTok videos, she offers parents an alternative perspective based on current research and understanding. By embracing positive reinforcement, acknowledging emotions, and prioritizing play, parents can create an environment that fosters their child's growth and development.

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