In a delightful tale of childhood innocence and linguistic confusion, Dillon White took to Instagram to share a memorable dinner conversation with his young son. The highlight? A demand for "people chicken."

"It took us a while to figure it out," White explained, "but once you see it, you can't unsee it."

White recounted how he and his wife were baffled by their son's insistence on "people chicken" for dinner. Concerned about the potential implications, they attempted to decipher the cryptic request by engaging their son in various methods, including asking him to draw a picture of what he wanted.

However, the stick figure depiction provided by their son did little to dispel their worries. With a sigh of relief, White revealed that his 7-year-old daughter eventually cracked the code, clarifying that her brother was not, in fact, asking for chicken made from people.

"It's true," White quipped, "once you see Colonel Sanders' bow tie as a stick figure, you can't unsee it."

Even KFC's official account joined in on the fun, acknowledging the uncanny resemblance. The viral post sparked a wave of similar anecdotes from amused parents sharing their own children's quirky interpretations of logos and brand names.

From mistaking Chick-fil-A's emblem for a foot to likening Buffalo Wild Wings' logo to a skunk, the thread showcased the imaginative ways in which children perceive the world around them.

Reflecting on the humorous incident, White humorously suggested that perhaps children should be tasked with naming everything, given their knack for creativity and unique perspectives.

The heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the joyous moments and endless entertainment that come with parenthood, offering a lighthearted glimpse into the whimsical world of childhood language and imagination.