Trans-fat nutritional fact label. How do you read one so that you can make sense of it, so that you don't get hurt. That's a huge topic. And it is now on the label of most foods. How much trans fats are in there.

So manufacturers of course are trying to sneak around that and make it look good even when it may not be. so trans fats you want to really avoid these things. Because there's only two things that everyone on the planet agrees on, regardless if you're a vegetarian or carnivore or low carb or high carb, everyone agrees refined sugar is bad and trans fats are bad.

When we say trans fats, we're talking synthetic man-made trans fats. There are some that occur in nature, there are actually very beneficial. Today, I just want to talk about the label to understand this. You have to see that oftentimes on a margarine or something, they'll say the serving size is 1 teaspoon 5g, and then they say that the trans fats are 0g per serving. This could actually mean that it has less than half a gram, which means 0.499 g is still less than half a gram. So they could actually have a full 10% trans fat in the product. and they still put on the front label that it has 0g trans fat per serving. But you're getting 10% trans fat.

So there is no safe limit on these synthetic trans fats. They are poison. They have been linked to so many of our degenerative diseases. So the key to understand is that if it has anything on the label about hydrogenated oils, hydrogenated soybean oil, hydrogenated canola oil, hydrogenated anything or partially hydrogenated, then don't ever buy that product again. If it's a margarine or it's a cookie or a cracker or a biscuit, you don't want to eat those at all in the first place.

But if they have any of these on the label, then you definitely don't want to do it. Go with natural foods, go with butter grass-fed butter, go with coconut oil, go with extra virgin olive oil. These are the fats that your body needs. And if you eat fish or meat then just make sure that they are wild-caught, they are grass-fed, they come from a situation where they had a normal healthy life that was natural to that species.

Then if they were healthy for you and do everything that you can to stay away from these synthetic products. These are frankenfoods they have no place in your body and they will only cause injury. So remember don't believe the labels, whatever they say about being trans fat free or 0g trans fat. If it has any of these words in there, it's a synthetic product and it is very unhealthy. Please share this information. So that others can benefit from better health as well. Thanks for reading.