Blake Lively's most recent advertisement for her beverage line has sparked unintended backlash after she attempted to make light of the recent Photoshop controversy surrounding Kate Middleton.

On March 13, Lively took to Instagram to announce the upcoming launch of new flavors for her Betty Buzz and Betty Booze beverages, scheduled for release this summer. The Instagram post featured a carousel of seven images showcasing the new products. However, the first image was noticeably and excessively edited, clearly referencing the recent photo-editing scandal involving the Duchess of Cambridge.

"I'm thrilled to unveil this fresh snapshot I just captured today to introduce our 4 new @bettybuzz & @bettybooze offerings!" Lively wrote in the caption of the post. "Now you understand why I've been off the grid."

In the initial image, Lively is depicted lounging poolside; however, numerous elements seem to have undergone digital manipulation: the pool and her chair display distortions, her hands seem to belong to different individuals, her posture appears unnatural, and lemons and beverage cans are haphazardly scattered throughout the scene.

Continuing her caption, Lively proceeds to reveal the new beverage flavors: Sparkling Oak Smoked Lemonade Mocktail, Sparkling Apple Ginger Sour Cherry Mocktail, Sparkling Tequila with Smoky Pineapple, and Sparkling Bourbon with Oak Smoked Lemonade.

The deliberate use of evident editing in Lively's photograph contrasts with the unintentional mistake seen in Kate's recent Mother's Day photo incident earlier this month. Amid retractions from photo agencies and inquiries regarding the royal's whereabouts following abdominal surgery, Kensington Palace issued an apology on behalf of the princess, wherein she acknowledged, "Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing."

Lively's attempt to inject humor into the situation in the advertisement was met with strong disapproval from the majority of individuals in her comments section:

  • "I'm extremely let down. I never imagined Blake would stoop to this level. 😢 Talking about women's empowerment. Such a disgrace to witness this."
  • "Nothing like adding insult to injury when another woman is going through a tough time 🤢"
  • "There's nothing amusing about this. I had higher expectations of you. It's disappointing to see this mockery. So much for 'supporting women.' Seems like it's only the ones you favor. Hopefully, you never experience this kind of ridicule."
  • "I've always been a supporter, but this 'joke' is incredibly disheartening 😞 Look at all the bullying and hate it's ignited and fueled in these comments."
  • "I'm extremely disappointed that you've joined in on the 'let's mock Kate' bandwagon."
  • "Oh, so you're now participating in bullying another woman!!! Especially a mother who is recovering from major surgery."
  • "Great job kicking someone when they're already down. Really reminiscent of a mean girl move."

Even Hugh Jackman, known to be a friend of the Lively-Reynolds family, found himself facing criticism when he commented, "Yessssss!!! Please send preorder link asap."

"@thehughjackman joining in on bullying a sick public figure who can't even recover in peace? Shame on you," responded one individual, while another added, "You should hold yourself to a higher standard than this."

Despite the overwhelming criticism, there were a few individuals in the comments section who supported the playful teasing of the royal figure:

  • "Further evidence that Blake & Ryan are America's Queen & King!! ❤👏"
  • "Those are some impressive Kate Middleton skills displayed in that first photo 👌"
  • "People who fail to see the humor simply don't understand Blake's comedic style 😭"