In a truly unusual medical case, a 56-year-old man in Taiwan required surgery to remove a coconut lodged in his rectum. The unidentified man waited two days before seeking medical attention, experiencing severe abdominal pain and an inability to urinate.

Doctors at E-Da Hospital in Kaohsiung City found the 7.5cm by 5.7cm coconut via scans and determined it was compressing his urethra, causing the urinary blockage. Thankfully, the surgery was successful, with the doctors removing the coconut and draining over 2 liters of built-up urine.

While the exact date of the incident remains unclear, the case serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of inserting objects into one's body. Dr. Chen Zhiyi, Director of General Medical Surgery at E-Da Hospital, emphasized the rarity of such cases but also the man's fortunate lack of serious internal injuries.

The report in the British Journal of Surgery reveals the man admitted to seeking stimulation by inserting the coconut. While the outcome could have been far worse, Dr. Chen offered a clear message: "He was told not to do it again."