Bartise Bowden, the Netflix star of Love Is Blind, became a father on April 7th and celebrated the occasion with a special post on Instagram. The post was a series of photos of the proud new father with his newborn son and was accompanied by the caption: “Might’ve been the villain on tv, but I’m gonna be the hero for him. Instagram, meet my little man ❤️ #bigfella.”The child’s name has not yet been revealed, but in response to a comment from a social media user asking if the baby was his nephew, Bartise confirmed that he was actually his son.

Bartise rose to fame on season three of Netflix’s reality dating show Love Is Blind, which aired in October 2022. On the show, he formed a connection with Nancy Rodriguez and Raven Ross while in the pods, ultimately choosing to leave the pods with Nancy and proposing to her. However, on their wedding day, Bartise called off the wedding, admitting that he wasn’t physically attracted to Nancy and was more interested in Raven. Nancy later accused Bartise of gaslighting her during their time on the show.

Despite the dramatic end to their relationship on Love Is Blind, Bartise and Nancy remained friends, as he revealed in an interview with Us in November 2022. However, things seemed to have soured between the two by February 2023, when Nancy claimed that Bartise was not being a good friend to her and was instead acting oddly and making out with his new girlfriend at her Halloween party.

Since Bartise welcomed his son into the world, he has not made public the identity of the mother. However, he has expressed his excitement about becoming a father, writing on Instagram: “I’m gonna be the hero for him.” Fans of Love Is Blind will undoubtedly be curious to see how fatherhood will change Bartise’s persona and whether he will continue to be a controversial figure in the public eye.