In a recent back-to-school convocation in Fort Smith, Arkansas, a special education paraprofessional named Lacey Schaffer-Thomas stunned everyone with her incredible singing voice. A video of her performance, shared on social media by motivational speaker Jon Gordon, went viral and has garnered widespread praise. The video shows Schaffer-Thomas and her fellow educators performing as a band on a school gym floor, with Schaffer-Thomas taking the lead vocals.

The band starts playing Stevie Wonder's hit song "Superstition," and Schaffer-Thomas's voice immediately captivates the audience. Her powerful and soulful rendition, reminiscent of legendary singer Janis Joplin, astounds everyone who hears it. The combination of a band made up of teachers and Schaffer-Thomas's extraordinary voice makes for an impressive performance.

People on social media have been blown away by Schaffer-Thomas's talent. Commenters expressed their surprise and admiration for her voice, with many wondering why she isn't already famous.

Many others praised her vocal abilities and expressed their joy at seeing such talent showcased in a school setting.

Even Schaffer-Thomas's family and friends joined in the praise. Her husband, in a comment on the video, described her as a caring and talented person who sings to her students every day. He was grateful to have her as part of his life. Her daughter also commented, expressing her pride in her mother's talent and emphasizing that Schaffer-Thomas has been singing her whole life.

When Gordon asked if he could tag her in the video, Schaffer-Thomas responded with overwhelming gratitude. She expressed her surprise at the kind responses the video received and thanked everyone for their support and praise.

Schaffer-Thomas's performance serves as a shining example of the incredible talent that exists within our educational institutions.She has the power to spellbind her audience and craft an exceptional experience for both students and teachers. As we continue to appreciate her singing prowess, let us also recognize the dedication and passion she brings to her role as a special education paraprofessional. Schaffer-Thomas is an inspiration both inside and outside the classroom, and her voice has the power to touch the hearts of many.