Following a recent controversy over its Date Night Passes selling out within seconds, Applebee’s is making efforts to reconcile with its customers.

The restaurant chain has confirmed to that it will be releasing an additional 1,000 Date Night Passes, offering cardholders 52 “date nights.” Responding to the dissatisfaction expressed by many on social media regarding the initial rollout, Applebee’s aims to make amends before Valentine’s Day.

“The Applebee’s Date Night Pass™ demonstrated the strong desire among our guests for date nights at Applebee’s, with the passes selling out in less than a minute to customers in over 40 states,” an Applebee’s spokesperson informed “Recognizing the enthusiasm of our loyal guests for these exclusive passes, we wanted to express our appreciation by offering an additional 1,000 Date Night Passes, which will be made available for purchase through a random drawing.”

The Applebee’s $200 Date Night Passes, effective from February 1, are valid until January 31, 2025. Cardholders can enjoy up to $30 worth of food and non-alcoholic beverages during each use, whether for dine-in or takeout. This implies that passholders can receive over $1,500 worth of Applebee’s items for the $200 price of the pass.

Applebee's has announced that individuals will have the opportunity to register for a random drawing to potentially purchase one of the new passes from February 5 to 9 by visiting the Applebee’s Date Night Pass entry website. The 1,000 fortunate winners selected will be notified by Applebee’s on February 14, with instructions on how to purchase a pass of their own.

The original Date Night Passes from Applebee's were released on January 22 and sold out within seconds, prompting customers to express their frustration with the rollout on social media.

There was also widespread backlash online about the campaign, with numerous posts on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, and Instagram speculating that the brand utilized the Date Night Pass for "free social media publicity" or labeled it as a "bait and switch scam." Here's hoping for a rollout as smooth as the filling in a Triple Chocolate Meltdown this time around.