Human behavior is worlds apart from the way we should conduct ourselves in the presence of others, which is why when we observe someone exhibiting excellent manners in a usually adverse environment, it is remarkable.

Ronny, a young fellow, was spotted on a doorbell security camera dropping off a female that had been drinking. Despite its short runtime of only 20 seconds, it is being used as a stellar case in point of how a person should act when sending a intoxicated girl home. The TikTok video created quite a stir and gained immense attention with up to 30 million views. Praise for Ronny's response can be found all over the comments section.

First, Ronny kindly escorts the girl to the door, swinging it open for her. She apologizes to her mother through the doorbell camera, then Ronny introduces himself. "Hi, I'm Ronny. I'm completely sober, and I drove her home." He takes a few steps away, glancing back to mention, "My girlfriend's here in the car."

This guy was commendable for not drinking and playing the designated driver, ensuring the girl's safe journey home and confirming this to her mother. He even gave reassurance that his girlfriend was with them, so Mom would have no doubts of her daughter with him alone.

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One person commented on the occurrence, expressing their approval. "Everything about this," they wrote. "Kudos for her not driving. Kudos for the gentleman driving the girls home. Kudos to the adults in his life that taught him the right behaviour, and to her parents that instructed her not to drive after drinking!!!!" Another mentioned, "I am in admiration. I love it. Well done you two. Still, I couldn't help but laugh at the exhausted sigh coming from Ronnie's voice. Ronnie- Doing the correct thing even when he is bored of your shenanigans."

Ronny took the possibility presented by his video going viral to express his views: that he didn't believe he deserved commendation, it was just what his parents raised him to do. As part of a follow-up TikTok caption he wrote, "Let's take this 10 minutes of recognition to spread the message of kindness. If you can help someone out, then please do. Sadly, we don't all get taught the same essential lessons, which clarifies why the world is as it is. I am extremely thankful for my parents and the education they gave me. To be honest, had it not been for them I may not have reacted the same way. All I'm saying is, despite the admiration and nice comments I am receiving, I don't think what I did should be so remarkable."

If there was any other way for people to become more fond of Ronny, it would be his appreciation of his parents and exhortation of benevolence and aid. Absolutely commendable, Ronny!