Reportedly, an Indian military personnel was charged for supposedly phoning in a false bomb alert to the police after failing to board his second plane of the day on Monday.

Ajmeer Bhadraiah, 59, was going to board an Indigo flight from Hyderabad in South India to Chennai, but was denied entry for coming late. His 5.15am flight had already gone and he was unable to get on the second one he had reserved for 10.15am, which led to a quarrel with the airport personnel.

R Srinivas, the station house officer at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport police station in Hyderabad, reported that the passenger in question had a quarrel with the Indigo employee and insisted to be let on the flight. He even threatened to stop the flight, and contacted the police control room claiming that flight 6E-6151 was carrying a bomb and should not be allowed to depart.

After the SHO was informed about the bomb threat, they got in contact with the caller, at the same time notifying the Bomb Threat Assessment Committee at the airport, as reported by The Times of India.

The police questioned the superintending engineer of Military Engineering Services, and he confessed to sending a phoney bomb alert. This inevitably caused many travellers at the Hyderabad airport to experience security checks and wait times, creating a huge inconvenience. Subsequently, Bhadraiah was apprehended and charged for violation of the Aircraft Act and intimidation.