Law enforcement officials in Peru were taken aback when they examined a person who had been misbehaving while intoxicated at an archaeological site in Puno.

The delivery man was discovered to have a mummy, swathed in bandages, in his cooler bag.The police scoured the man for evidence after he was witnessed drinking alcohol at an archaeological area. This resulted in the discovery of the mummy, thought to be from 600 to 800 years ago.

The man revealed he had stuffed the mummified remains, which he affectionately called Juanita, in the bag to display to his buddies. In addition, he viewed the corpse as a spiritual partner which he arranged beside the TV in his bedroom.His father had been the one to own the mummy, though he neglected to explain the means by which it had come into his care, he declared.

Speculated to be of a 45-year-old male, believed to have been about 1.5m in stature, the police have seized the remains and provided them to the ministry of culture.The man and his two companions have been held and are being investigated for offenses against Peru’s cultural legacy.