Are you interested in considering a secondhand cat?

To try and reduce the dismal reality of 8 million pets entering shelters each year and only 4 million being adopted, the Canadians with mustaches came up with an idea to treat the elder cats in shelters like used cars. The Calgary Humane Society proposed this creative concept in order to try and combat the unfortunate numbers.

The swiftest running pace for domestic cats appears to be 29.8 mph. This seller has a thorough understanding of their wares!

They uncovered some remarkable cats with great speed.

They went the extra mile to show potential cat owners that previously owned cats are a great option!

Kittens seem to be the go-to choice, there's no denying it. I, too, was a kid who was all about them!

However, I and my friends have chosen to take in older cats now and it's been a blessing. These cats are not only charming but also provide a calming atmosphere. This is why I'm writing this, so that pre-owned cats can find a place to call home.