In a peculiar incident reminiscent of a movie scene, a 9-year-old from California displayed remarkable determination to get to school despite lacking a driver's license.

On March 27, around 9:20 a.m., a California Highway Patrol officer encountered an unusual sight in Oroville, approximately 65 miles north of Sacramento. A Volkswagen sedan had come to a halt in the middle of an intersection.

Upon being instructed to move, the car unexpectedly accelerated, initiating a brief and erratic chase that concluded in a parking lot near Plumas Avenue Elementary School, as detailed in a Facebook post by CHP officials on Wednesday.

Reportedly, the young driver eventually stopped the vehicle but then abruptly reversed, colliding with the officer's patrol car. Fortunately, both vehicles sustained only minor damages.

However, the most astonishing aspect of the incident was the identity of the driver.

Police soon discovered that it was a 9-year-old boy who had taken the wheel, driven by a determined mission to get himself to school in his mother's car, as detailed in the Facebook post by police.

Fortunately, there were no injuries reported in the incident. After authorities were alerted and the situation documented, the child was safely escorted to school.

Terry Dunn, a CHP official involved in attempting to pull over the car, expressed his shock in an interview with NBC affiliate KNVN in Chico, California.

"When I saw it, I was just shocked. Several other officers arrived at the scene, and it was one of those moments where no one really believed it. So, several other officers showed up just to confirm that it was indeed a 9-year-old driving the car," Dunn recounted.

Following the collision with the patrol car, Dunn noticed movement inside the vehicle. "As I was approaching, I could see a kid, who turned out to be a 9-year-old child, sticking his head out and saying, 'I'm sorry, I'm trying to get to school,'" Dunn recalled.

Police emphasized that the incident serves as a stark reminder of the responsibility that comes with driving on the road.

"The fact that this crash involved a child driver only emphasizes the importance of awareness regarding vehicle security and the necessity of imparting road safety knowledge to our younger generation," the post emphasized. "This incident highlights the critical importance for all drivers to be licensed, educated, and cognizant of the risks of the road. It also underscores the urgency to secure our vehicles and educate our children about the dangers of unauthorized driving."