8 Ways to Cure Your Constipated Cat

We will discuss how to treat constipation in cats. Here are some home remedies for constipation in cats. so apply these remedies to get rid of constipation in cats.

Many cats are notorious for not drinking much water. This makes them prone to constipation. It would be a major error to take this condition lightly. Constipation is never normal. It can lead to a lot of suffering and a poor quality of life, so it should be taken seriously. Constipation is not a pleasant experience for any cat. Repeated episodes of constipation can cause irreversible enlargement of the colon. Identifying the cause is not always easy, but it’s important so that we can manage the constipation and reduce the chances of it worsening.

The next thing you discover is that your cat has lost their appetite, is growing weak and not pooping properly. If only they could tell you what’s wrong! Just like humans get ill, your cat can have minor ailments that don’t require a visit to the vet. In this case, it’s likely constipation. For temporary constipation, you can use a home remedy as the first course of action.

Home Remedy 1:


Yogurt contains probiotics that greatly help with digestion in cats. Yogurt also helps you to get rid of yeast infection in cats. You can give your cat up to 1 tablespoon a day to treat constipation in cats.

Home Remedy 2:

Coconut Oil

You might already know the amazing health benefits that coconut oil has for the human body. It turns out that it can help animals as well, including easing their pain of constipation. Adding ½ to 1 teaspoon to your cat’s wet food. Directly feeding the measured amount of coconut oil to your cat to cure constipation in cats.

Home Remedy 3:

Aloe Vera

The juice of the aloe vera plant is known to be a great laxative. It can be given to your cats with constipation by mixing it with their wet food. It is recommended that you give 1 to 3 drops of aloe vera juice per pound of your cat’s body weight to heal constipation in cats.

Home Remedy 4:


Milk that we normally consume acts as a kind of laxative for cats. cats are generally lactose intolerant and don’t digest cow’s milk very well, so it causes them to have diarrhea. Add ¼ to ½ cup of milk to your cat food or water. Repeat once a day for a few days to get rid of constipation in cats.

Home Remedy 5:

Olive Oil

Oil serves as a natural lubricant for your cat’s intestinal tract. Adding a little oil to your cat’s food will help loosen up the stool and make it easier to pass. Add ½ teaspoon of olive oil per 10 pounds of your cat’s bodyweight per day. You can go up to 1 to-2 teaspoons for cats constipation treatment.

Home Remedy 6:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known to reduce inflammation and promote detoxification in humans. ¼ teaspoon per 10 pounds of your cat’s body weight daily for 1 week to cure constipation in cats.

Home Remedy 7:

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin has high water content, and its seeds are rich in fiber. The pumpkin serves as a laxative to facilitate a proper bowel movement. You can use both pumpkin and its seeds to treat constipation. You can either grind the seeds in a coffee grinder and mix it in your cat’s food or feed them whole as treats if your cat likes them.

Home Remedy 8:

Wheat or Oats

Bran flakes, millets or cooked oats are great fiber supplements for your cat’s food. They are not very expensive and can help meet the daily requirement for fiber in your cat’s diet. Feed your cat with fiber-rich food.

It might be as serious as a tumor growing in the anus or as simple as they swallowed something they shouldn’t have. If your cat is vomiting, seems depressed, losing weight or showing signs of severe dehydration, consult your veterinarian right away.